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PLEASE do not be an asshole to these people, I BEG you. Keep it short and sweet and POLITE. No more than maybe 6 sentences or it’ll go immediately into the round file aka trash. Trust me, I’ve done it myself or have turned it over to Studio security as a risk factor if the writer sounded like a…

 An nice note?  Something like this:

To Whom It May Concern or Dear Mr. whomever you choose,

News is traveling around social and print media quoting writer Roberto Orci as saying that he would like to direct Star Trek XIII.

Due to his defense of sexist and misogynistic story lines in both reboot movies and to his continual assaults and insults against the fandom base, as a movie ticket buying fan, I would prefer someone else direct the final Star Trek movie.  It is too significant to be given to a novice director who doesn’t understand the core values and principles that have made Star Trek extraordinary and groundbreaking.  In addition, he has never directed a feature film, much less a potential blockbuster with a $170 million dollar budget that is a tent pole franchise for the Studio.  I would like to be counted as someone who stands against this choice for director.

Thank you very much for your time and consideration.


Your Name Here



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This is very likely cover to to my and [kth’s] comic, [Kupała]. And some tiny close ups at 100%, cos I’m quite proud of my pencils (and my fingers still hurt from drawing all that embroidery). 

We are very close to finish line, pretty much all that is left is dreaded lettering and getting it ready for print. Which means we are going to post some previews and open pre-orders soon. Sooooon~~

I’m so exited!


hey hey

I prepared a special edition Bookplate for the release of Pretty Deadly Vol.1

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There are no words for how happy this makes me. 

This is what actually happens when we aren’t looking.

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